Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seasonal Living

You know, we try to eat in season these days, as much as possible. And really we try to eat out of the garden as much as possible, to utilize the farmers' market when we can't. And though we certainly spend some dollars at Market Basket (our local grocery store), we try. I have been impressed lately how it seems like kids (or Makili specifically) seem to eat in season naturally. When blueberry season was upon us, Makili would absolutely gorge himself on them. He literally could not eat enough of them. And though I often have apples in the house (even out of season), he really wasn't overly interested in them all summer. Then suddenly apple season happened and I swear the kid has eaten a bushel of apples himself. And though we still have plenty of apples in the house, Makili seems to know that their season has passed. He has moved onto dried fruits, being totally obsessed with raisins at the moment (though he also digs the dried pears and mangoes that we are known to have at times.) And it was like that with watermelon, cantelope (though he is still packing those away), raspberries. So I guess it is the fruit.

It also seems that Makili's play seems to follow the season so naturally as well. In the spring he spent hours digging in my garden, until things started to grow and that wasn't okay anymore. Then there was the water play time, then back to the dirt again, and then toys started falling from the ground - LEAVES!! He has made it very difficult for me to rake lately, as it is as though I'm taking away his toys. And soon, he'll get the snow. Oh boy! Then we'll be eating out of the freezer and jars. Hard to believe on a sunny 65 degree day in November.

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