Thursday, October 22, 2009

My First Friend

I got to meet up with my oldest friend Alex when I was in Pittsburgh briefly last week. We were friends before we were born and she shaped so much of my childhood and adolesence and I suppose also the person I am now. She was always self-confident and funny and I always wanted to be like here when we were young. She always had a throng of boys flocking after her, so I wasn't the only one who was attracted to her confidence and humor (though her big boobs mights have been an attractor for the boys as well.) In many ways, Alex was the trend-setter in our group of friends, always bold enough to like new things and go against the norm. I really wasn't so much, as I wasn't quite confident enough at that age to be different.

It was fun to introduce her to my kids as she is expecting a daughter in January. I think about my boys' childhoods some times and wonder who will be their Alex...

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