Friday, October 09, 2009

Discoveries: Honey and Tongues

Remick has discovered his tongue. He spends a lot of each day licking his chops.

Makili has discovered two dangerous words: why and honey. Why follows most statements these days. Today when I snapped at him for doing something after I told him not to, he said, "Why you grouchy?" Got me there. And honey. I'm not entirely sure where he got this. I do say honey occasionally to Raph or Makili, but Makili has fully latched onto it. He calls everyone honey and adds the word onto EVERY thing he says. "Is this the red tractor, honey?" "Can we go outside honey?" It is amusing and annoying at the same time sort of. It was more amusing than annoying at first and maybe he'll say it so many times that it will go past being annoying and return to the absurdly amusing level. We'll see. He has really been cracking me up with how he talks to himself. Today at naptime, he was laying in bed talking about his Halloween costume to himself. "I'm a bucket tractor. No going to be a farm tractor. I'm going to be a bucket tractor..." And today in the car, he asked to hold this horse that we were donating to a sale. He held it for a minute, then looked at it and said, "I don't like horses and doggies. I like tractors." And threw it on the ground. (For the record, he doesn't like dogs, but horses was news to me. And in case you need to know, his favorite color is red, and his second favorite color is yellow, like Opa.)

I discovered that Remick can sit unassisted. I mean he's only 3.5 months. This is both a happy discovery and a "he can't be doing that already!" sort of discovery. I'm happy that he can be more independent to use those graspy little hands, but boy I can't believe infancy is really over. Already. My little guy is a baby. (A baby who never sleeps and is grouchy most of the day, but a baby nonetheless!) I can't believe it. It makes my chest seize up.

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