Friday, August 14, 2009


Not only have we been getting great bounty from the garden of late (Makili is a great potato digger and no he hasn't been picking any tomatoes cause there are none to pick!) but we've been getting a good share of hilarious two-year old language lately. I love listening to him learn to speak our language. Today I heard him use a pronoun for his nasty doll, Dirty Wanda (a story for another day.) So what if he called her "he." Everyone else in the house is a boy, so I wasn't surprised he said, "he in here!" instead of she. He will also tell me "I'm nursing" when he sits on the couch with Dirty Wanda face down in his lap. And yes it probably is wrong of me to laugh inside about how it looks like Dirty Wanda is going down on him rather than nursing, but I can't help but laughing about it, especially since her name is Dirty Wanda. God, I love hearing him say Dirty Wanda - it is so cute.

I backed our Jeep into our new Saab last week (the new Saab that we had just paid over $300 to fix right after we bought it). There is really no excuse for my stupidity except to say that well I was trying to hold a pacifier in Remick's mouth, and looking for Makili so I didn't hit him, and the car was full of stinking trash, and the mirror wasn't adjusted because Raph had driven last, but anyway I sort of slammed into the Saab, costing yet more money since Saab parts are made of gold apparently. I of course immediately started crying, and Makili ran over yelling "I fix it, mommy, I fix it!"

The other day he broke my necklace just as I was explaining to him not to pull on it because it would break. Damn two year olds do exactly what you tell them not to do! I was mad and pouted and told him I was sad. He said "fix it mommy." When I told him I couldn't fix it, he said matter-of-factly, "buy a new one." I told him I didn't have any money and asked him if he had any money. He said no, and quickly added "Grammy has money. Grammy buy new one."

Gosh there have been so many lately. I've got to write them down sooner so I don't forget them, like I am right now!

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the Provident Woman said...

What an adorable helper.