Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekend

After I went to the midwife's last week and learned that there was little chance I was going into labor any time soon, we decided to head up to Ann and Larry's (better known around these parts as Annma and Paka) for Sant Bani graduation and Kane's birthday. We were clear with Makili when we bought the soccer ball that it was for Kane and he walked around with it saying "Kane's soccer ball" until they had moved onto other things. He really helped Kane open it however.Here is Jason looking very Italian since he got back from Italy.
This is Makili giving Deanna a thumbs-up.
Makili and his Paka.
Here is the gift opening. Christmas might actually be fun this year in that way.
Paka bought this go-cart (and about 10 other toys for Makili). It was a HIT for both Makili and Kane. Only a few tears were shed over sharing...
Annma and Grammy.
Too cute.
We used to be two. This week we'll be FOUR!
With Annma at graduation...

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