Monday, June 01, 2009

I can have the baby now!

I told Raph I wouldn't have this baby until some things were take care of! We can check the following items off of our list:

1. Finished tomato bed (this by the way is what it looks like when a nine-month pregnant lady is out driving stakes into the garden with a mallet.)
2. Nearly completed greenhouse (just need to fix the door, buy a new fan, and bring down a few more pieces of Trex from Larry's to finish the second shelf, but all the glass is up and one of the shelves is done. The trash pile in the yard is considerable depleted, though certainly not gone.)
3. Grammy is here. (I have a lot more pictures to post, but whoa nelly we've been busy.)
4. Finally and most exciting - Raph got a job!!!! He hasn't signed the contract yet so I won't go into details, but he got the call we've been waiting for today!

So it's official, you can come on out of there you little bugger...

1 comment:

Anna said...

looking good blayne! they should make calendars of preggos doing yard work. although it could go on the wrong kind of market...hmmm. congratulations raph!!!!