Sunday, June 07, 2009


I'm due TODAY, but still waiting. Tonight is a full moon. Maybe something interesting will happen. Camille requested more pictures of me on the blog, so I'm trying to oblige. Here I am chatting with Tamara about their lettuce garden and incredible number of tomato plants. Look at the size of that belly. Do you think he will ever come out?Tim giving directions, as usual.

And these are two pictures of Makili warming up the baby's seat for him. He thinks it is very clever the way the blanket is attached. We'll what he thinks when there is an actual baby in there...
I actually can't believe my baby is almost 2.

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klunker said...

blayne, you're such a cute, pregnant mamma and love to see you're staking tomatoes at 9 months. hope things go well for you with the birth. sounds like anything will be an improvement from your last experience. tell mrs. beal i said hello.