Thursday, May 21, 2009

We did it!

Lauren and I brought three kids to the beach yesterday. We did it! We got all the gear and toys and infant sun protection (though we decided an umbrella wouldn't be a bad idea). Kaia, at five weeks, wasn't terribly cooperative, but it was good enough for close to an hour and a half. We're trying to work up to four kids. Though once we came home, we found that Makili and Kayden were just as happy to play naked in the sprinkler and Lauren and I could comfortably sit in the shade of the umbrella on the patio. (Have I mentioned that I love that patio.) Makili got a major boo-boo on his toe and eventually spent some time crying in my lap, which was when I tried to snap these photos of Lauren and her girls... I did, for the record, censor out the pictures of Makili trying to wash his penis in the sprinkler, which was pretty damn funny. He didn't let go of it for long.

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