Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Gabrielle-Paka Saga

She started off cute as a button and happy as a clam (love those cliches!)
But then Makili made her mad. (She has a delicate nature!)

Paka came to the rescue and decided to provide some diversion. She loved it. Laura did not.Then the inevitable happened. A little slip. No harm done, but...

Again the delicate nature.
So Paka tries another diversion. And all was well.

A few more shots.
I look ridiculously pregnant and big, but otherwise a nice group shot.

I just liked this silly picture of Ann.

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amanda said...

Hi, I just saw your pictures of your son with the resh and I was wondering if you ever found out exactl what is was? My daughter get the exact rash and the Drs cant figure out what it is and have been dragging us thru so many test..... Please let me know, it would be vey helpful. Thank you