Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Stage

I cannot begin to describe how stressful this month has been. Really i can't even begin. But tonight was Raph's shining moment - his beauty pageant, a chance to compete for the title of Mr. DHS (Dover High School). There was a choreographed dance, displays of western wear and summer wear, an interview, and of course the talent. Raph used his ninja guise all the while. He wore his ninja costume with cowboy boots, and then with his swimming trunks on top. But for his talent, little Makili got to show his stuff. Dressed like a ninja as well, and super tired, Makili loved being on stage. He never actually did all the hi-ya ninja moves that we had practiced in the hall but he was still super cute toting dad around the stage and even said "bye" into the microphone when his show was over. I was so proud!

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