Thursday, January 15, 2009

What it once was...

I went back and looked at the first posts on my blog, more than two and a half years ago. I wrote so much more then. It was even decent writing. I started this blog hoping it would help me be a writer, something I always thought I might like. Let me laugh at loud at this point at the sheer absurdity of thinking that I would be able to find the time in my day to write anything longer than a paragraph. It took me a week to write Makili's last update. Our poor second child can not count on the same level of documentation that time afforded to me after Makili's birth. So my blog has become a depository for photographs, and I suppose that is alright for a while. (What, like 6 years?) Maybe at that point, I'll start having coherent thoughts again and the time and energy to write them down in a meaningful way. In the meantime, here are a few more pictures.

This is the face Makili makes when he knocks over the block tower, or throws something that he shouldn't, or he is being naughty and knows it.Shake, shake, shake.

I like these crazy eyes.


Baby Bird said...

i second your thoughts...if that's not too rude of me (to steel your words hehe) but who has time to write and such with a toddler on hand? and on a related note...people who have more than one child are miraculous, because they have to be!

Baby Bird said...

steal, not steel. i also have lost my ability to spell.

RTM said...

Wow! A haircut? Makili looks so grownup.

I think anything is better than nothing and it is in the natural course of things for the first child to document every first giggle, new trick, etc. The goal is to keep going with being present with our children which is the much harder task. What I remember most of my childhood is not the incredibly detailed babybook, the few photos or the 8mm movies - it is the moments of being with my mom, watching my parents dance after dinner and taking family trips. All those things are etched deeper for me.

I admire the beginning you have given your family!