Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh Pittsburgh

So I made it to Pittsburgh.  We were forecasted to receive less than an inch of snow, and I think we're at about six inches.  My mother was recently in the hospital for a semi-serious condition, a hemotoma, that resulted in three pints of blood floating around in her abdomen.  She has been puking all afternoon, and making running trips to the bathroom.  We're debating about taking her back to the emergency room, but the next door neighbor doctor is coming over to check her out first.  Makili came down with a fever this afternoon, and then Nadine called to tell me that Morgan came down with a fever on Wed, which has since been found to be pneumonia!  Blair and Amanda just arrived for Amanda's baby shower tomorrow, which my mom is already crying about the fact that she might have to miss and Emily, Caroline and Suzanne get in within the half hour.  Whew.  

And, my Dad is tormenting my mom.  He just walked out of the bedroom with a disposable stethoscope on.  Then he went back in and I heard my mom scream "get the hell away from me with that."  Followed closely with "You're annoying the hell out of me." 

Fun fun fun.

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Balkey said...

I hope your mom gets better soon. Stay sane in Pittsburgh.