Sunday, January 25, 2009

About Saturday

Makili puked randomly ALL over me on Wednesday and then proceeded to seem fine. In fact he wanted to eat five seconds afterwards. Then I thought he might puke yesterday morning, but he didn't. So I packed him off to head to a birthday party. Raph puked first thing yesterday so I kicked him out of the car and took Makili by myself. We drove the 45 plus minutes to get there. Right after I got off the exit, he puked ALL over himself in the car. Joy. Not having brought an extra set of clothes for him, I changed him into Morgan's accident outfit that was still in the diaper bag (she just potty trained) in the freezing cold while he screamed the whole time. Then I scoured the floor for enough money to get back through the tolls and turned around and went home. The whole way home he screamed at me for more mangoes.

Makili and Raph napped together, still in Morgan's shirt, with his hand in his diaper. Then they got up and both puked again.

This is him today having found the bag of candy that Nadine gave Raph for his students. He is so naughty.

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Baby Bird said...

this made me laugh laugh laugh! i mean, poor boys and poor you, but the hand in the diaper and the face he made with the candy in hand, and your description. thanks :) zoey has had a fever for three days...actually today it has gone away, and only puked twice because of the taste of tylenol. she was 103.6 degrees and pissed!