Monday, December 01, 2008

Hanging with Kane and fancy cameras

We spent some time over the weekend with Kane, Abram and Ny. We also spent a few minutes using the camera I've been eyeing, the Canon D20. You see, we have a few dollars in our savings account for once in our lives and it is just driving Raph nuts. First he wanted to get a second computer, but I'm not convinced that it's necessary. So he said, "well if you could spend a bunch of money on anything you want, what would you get?" When I said "a new camera" he was astounded. So then he got all into looking at new cameras, but I don't see that we really "need" a new camera either, so... But it's fun to look. I just love this camera and the lens Cindy has on it, which is an awesome portrait lens. I love the short depth of field, and the black and white setting. I just love it. But we'll probably just save our money for a little while...we'll see. Raph has a list of places we could spend it.

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Anonymous said...

by "a few dollars in the savings account" you mean beyond 3-to-6-months' worth of living expenses, right?

if not, you might think of socking it away for a rainy day...