Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving under-photographed AGAIN

A few shots from a lovely Thanksgiving. We had lunch with the residents at the Pyareo Home, the nursing home where Ann is the cook. Makili loved the fish pond and Kassia, who played with him for a long time, pointing out the fish, and letting him climb on stools.

Then the family came over. Makili learned he could pick up the littlest of Gina's many dogs, Cricket, who I have to admit was THE most cooperative and kindly dog in the history of the world. He spent a lot of time delivering the dog from one family member to another.

And of course we all ate too much delicious vegetarian food and laughed a lot, and argued a bit, as is the way of things on Thanksgiving...

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Baby Bird said...

Can you believe the pictures of leafless trees make me miss new england? It's 65 here in florida, where i'm visiting my mom, and zoey has developed a runny nose. grrr. thanks for the pictures of home :)