Sunday, November 02, 2008

Alright Alright Already

I've been hearing it from all sides lately. Give a girl a break. I've been busy. That and we have a crisis on our hands - no computer space. Like none. We might actually go buy a new computer today. In any case, I had to delete pictures just to download these. And I have to say they don't really do justice to Halloween which might be my new favorite holiday. Holy crap was Makili cute. Seriously. First the ninja, then the ninja disguised as a skunk. We went to the Portsmouth Parade, which as I've written about previously is the greatest parade in the history of the world. Makili and I walked hand in hand through the whole town square and I was actually embarressed because so many people were looking at us and cooing over him. As you can see if the pictures, the skunk costume is terribly cute, but what you can't see is Makili's little accompanying waddle. He actually moved like a skunk. It was ridiculous. We went trick-or-treating on Thursday night with some friends, and I'll tell you what, Makili dug it. He dug it and he didn't even understand that he was getting candy. He just liked walking around with all the little kids. He would march up to every doorway, whether or not the light was on. It was terribly cute. I really do love Halloween. Easter has a lot to live up to this year.


Laura Matty said...

he made an awesome the way I love Halloween too is my favorite holiday...! wish the kiddos lived closer together for moments like these...L

emily said...

Holy crap, I've never seen something more cute than that kid.